Thursday, July 26, 2012

sPaRkLe WoRdS!!! - Reading/Writing

         I love SPARKLE WORDS!  I know that many of you use these in your classroom. They are a great way to get kids using fabulous vocabulary ;)  I usually post a few in the beginning of the year and then my students write down words as they find them in their reading. I check it for  spelling, and then they can sign it and put it up on the bulletin board.  They LOVE putting up their own words.

        This year I made these great letters for my Sparkle Word Wall!!!  All you need is card stock, scissors, glue, and glitter!!!  ( Well, also sticky tac if your on a staple recall....)   Check it out :)


           For those who know me....I am not the most organized person. However, with the help of Pinterest and some friends, I have turned a new leaf this year!  To start, I wanted to organize my cabinets. I have a TON of math and science stuff that was just shoved in places. I know, it is awful!! Soooo....for those of you that need some help in that area - I am here to help you get started!  My friend, Elly, told me about these great stackable boxes at Walmart for $3 to $4. They also have them at Target, however they are a bit more expensive there. I then separated both subjects into units of study. Here is a preview:

Every year I have a dedicated wall space for SHOWING OFF student work. However, with our limited amount of wall space (fire hazard) and new "staple regulation," I had to come up with a new plan! Last year I used sticky tac, but it always stuck to the paper when I handed them back. I realize it seems like a simple idea, but I needed to share this anyway! I am now doing it on the extra space on my magnetic dry erase board!  It only took me 2 years to realize...

Vocabulary Cubes

I use these cubes in one of my anchor stations to help my students with vocabulary words across subjects. As you can see, mine are  a little torn up but they do the job!  I bought foam cubes at the dollar store and then taped over it with clear packaging tape.  I made labels for the vocabulary cubes which you can download below :) 

Zap It!! - Math Game

Okay, so I have to give credit to my friend Michelle for introducing me to this awesome game!  It is a math game that helps kids with their facts. I use it in fourth grade with multiplication facts. I also make a higher level one with division facts. The game can be played with 2+ players. Student draws a stick and must give the correct answer to keep the stick. If the student misses it then he/she must put the stick back. Students keep playing back and forth. If a student draws a ZAP IT! stick then they must put ALL their sticks back. Student with the most sticks wins the game!  **Great anchor station :)

Here is a picture of what the game looks like below. I also made a label that you can wrap on the outside of your can! Enjoy!

Above and Beyond note :)

Throughout the year I send home these notes anytime I feel that a student has done something extra special; whether it be making an awesome grade, improving in behavior, or just doing something super nice for someone else. I put the child's name in the white bar. I usually write what the child was "caught" doing on the back. Feel free to download if you would like!